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The Australian College of Researchers is a professional association focused on supporting and promoting the work of researchers, from all fields of endeavour, through Research Fellowship, a Grants Program, a Collaborative Research and Publication Program and its Awards Program.

The College:
  • • is a network of the world’s finest academics, scientists and entrepreneurs who are engaged in research and development projects across the globe,
  • • facilitates collaborative research and publication projects,
  • • recognises expertise in research through Membership (MACR) and Fellow of the College (FARC),
  • • operates a Research Collaboration Grants Program,
  • • provides training and ongoing professional learning opportunities for Members and Fellows and aspiring and accomplished researchers,
  • • promotes the research outcomes of its Members and Fellows to the world
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research Latest Research from our Fellows
Discrimination, Challenge and Response: People of North East India Discrimination, Challenge and Response This book explores discrimination against Northeast Indians, who have been frequently stereotyped as backwards, anti-national, anti-assimilationist, immoral, and relegated to low paying positions across retail, hospitality, telecommunications and wellness industries.  The contributions draw on interviews with individuals who have migrated to other Ind
School Improvement in the UAE: A Practical Implementation of the School Effectiveness Literature This latest book, “School Improvement in the UAE” by Dr. Jake Madden, continues his school improvement research by providing teachers and school and education system leaders with an insight into what school improvement requires and, importantly, how to implement such a program in a school inthe UAE. The United Arab Emirates has a bold plan, Vision 21, for its people and their future. At the h
Dr Tony Yeigh: School leadership and school improvement: an examination of school readiness factors This article reports on an investigation into the influence stemming from school leadership as an important consideration in relation to school improvement. School readiness, based on [Schiemann, W. A. 2014. “From Talent Management to Talent Optimization.” Journal of World Business 49 (2): 281–288. doi:10.1016/j.jwb.2013.11.012]. Accountability, Capability and Engagement (ACE) leadership
Professor David Lynch A study into “organisational readiness” and its impacts on school improvement The purpose of this paper is to compare measures of socio-economic status (Index of Community Socio-educational Advantage values (ICSEA)), school performance, school funding and school readiness in terms of their impact on student performance. In this respect, the paper tests the proposition – given research that suggests the teacher is the important ingredient in improved student learning perfo
publication Latest Publications from Members
Royce Willis: Towards a Strategic Blend in Education: A review of the blended learning literature How might schools harness technological innovation for classroom effects? In this book the authors seek to answer this question by introducing and investigating the concept of Blended Learning through a review of current research literature. In this book, the authors consolidate the current state of Blended Learning research, by defining what is meant by Blended Learning before discussing specific
Cathy Quinn: Personalised learning for all - are parents the missing key to closing the gaps? All students deserve one year's progress for one year's work, no matter where they start (Hattie, 2015, p.3). One in five will start school behind in learning in Australia this year and the major cause of this is their socioeconomic background (Cairney, 2016 as cited in Joyner, 2016). Often times when we think of personalised learning we think only of this group of students who are below average.